Pants and shirts always look good when they are perfectly pressed. And it is fantastic that pressing pants does not need any additional equipment. You can quickly press it with an iron, which is already used at home. But there is a difference in technique. It is a little bit hard to press a pants as compared to pressing shirts. Except, damaged jeans and cargo pants, all types of pants are made with ironing fabric.

Herein, I will define how to iron your pants quickly. This method can be applied on many pants, But these instructions are mainly applied to dress pants. Before start, we need the following materials: 

Steps to Iron a Pant

Step 01: Getting Starting

You need to use cold water and fill it up in the iron. You must need to use cold water because later on, iron will heat the water. According to the iron’s capacity, fill it to the maximum level. If you accidentally fall water on a cord, you need to dry it thoroughly before plugging it on power for safety purposes. 

Step 02: Checking the Pant’s Lable

Now you need to check your pant’ label, whether it is suitable for ironing or not, or which type of ironing the manufacturer recommended. You always want the iron to be adequate and don’t want to burn your perfect-fitting pants. Therefore almost every manufacturer mentioned which type of iron their pant’s fabric needed.

Step 03: Adjusting the Iron

Now you can switch on your iron and adjust it according to the pant’s fabric. If your pants are more cotton than polyester, you need to change them according to the cotton settings. Because cotton fabric needs more effort for ironing, and cotton dress pants may fade their crease quicker. There is a steam setting in almost every iron you need to turn it on because it is best to provide you a better crease. Some irons have some indicator or light installed, which explains that water in the iron is heated up at the required temperature. If it is not installed, you need to wait 5-6 minutes before using an iron.

Step 04: Lining up the Seams

Take one leg side of your pant (which one you want), and line up the seams so that one seam is just above the other. Take out your ironing board at this point. 

Step 05: Creating a Crease

Now you can hold the pant leg on the ironing board and use your finger to apply steady pressure. Use your finger from the top of the pants leg to the bottom and create a crease. You have to do this on both sides of the pant leg. You have to be sure that the seams are still at the top of the other. 

Step 06: Now Start the Ironing

First, you need to check that the iron is adequately heated up at the temperature you want to use. Now hold your pant at the ironing board and pick iron and start removing the wrinkles by pressing the iron on the surface of your pant. It would help if you were more careful not to burn yourself. If you are not performing this properly, then you need to ask someone for help. To remove all the wrinkles, you need to hold the pant as straight as possible. It would be best if you pushed the iron back several times to make sure that the crease stays in your pants leg.

Step 07: Now Flip the Side

When you correctly ironed your pant’s one-sided leg, you need to flip the pant and do the same as previously done in step 6.

Step 08: Do the Same Again

When one side of your pant is completely ironed, you need to take your other side and start doing the same process as you did before.

Step 09: Ironing the Back

When your pants legs are creased and wrinkle-free now, you need to turn the pant where the back pockets are. Now remove the wrinkles from the back pocket. But don’t get so much over-conscious about the back pocket wrinkles because some of the wrinkles are not getting removed because of the stitching. Once you iron the back pocket, turn the pant where the zipper flap and a button are. Now removed the wrinkles from there too.

Step 10: Now Check

Once you have done pressing the entire pant, you have to turn off the iron and check any visible wrinkles. If there are no wrinkles shown, then you can see your pants crease easily.

Step 11: Properly Hang the Pants

Once you have removed all wrinkles from your pant now, you have to hang them properly. You can use a specific hanger that can’t be slipped off and ruined your creases.

Step 12: Throw Out the Excess Water

Because if you leave water in the iron, some minerals are building in it, which may affect the steam holes located at the bottom of an iron. Now you have to throw out all excess water from iron. It is best to use clean water all the time for your clean clothes.

Step 13: Storing an Iron

spaces=”true”>Now, you have to place the iron in a safe or space free of flammable materials. You need to check that all the settings are correctly turned off. Leave your iron for at least 4 to 5 hours for attempting to put it away.

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The whole ironing process is straightforward to perform, but if you want to do the best job, you need to be careful with your clothes. For keeping your dress pants’ creases for a long time, you need to assist them as much as possible. If you want to keep your creases as long as possible, then don’t wash your pants too often. It would be best if you take dry-cleaning service from a professional dry-cleaner.