In this day and age, with everyone on the go, many people don’t have time to iron their clothes or house clothes. The amount of time it takes can benefit many people, and for those who want to have clean clothes without spending hours ironing, a steam iron is an option.

What Is a Steam Iron?

Steam iron is an appliance that will give you that crisp, clean look on your clothes without the hassle of using an old-fashioned flatiron. It creates steam to clean and press clothing and will not create creases. Some models of steamers will use an ironing board for its sole purpose. These models give the user a smaller ironing board to fit it on a table instead of taking an entire shelf, thus eliminating its clutter all on one shelf.

How to Use a Steam Iron?

There is no right or wrong way to use your new steam iron. The steam iron will give you a better, faster clean. It also gives a shinier look to your clothes without the help of a dry cleaner. The steam iron model you buy may indicate how to use it, but they are pretty much the same for many models.


Prepare the steam iron according to its manufacturer’s instructions, allowing the water to completely drip-dry if it is a model that does not require water. If the instructions are not provided, you have to wash your clothes. It is better to allow the clothes to dry out to remove creases in their fabric.


The rinsing process will remove any loose threads or debris that may be left behind by your hand when pressing your clothes. Then, allow the iron to completely dry.


Place your clothes on the board where they will be flat. Connect an extension cord if necessary or use a regular 110-volt plug into a standard outlet. Then plug in the steam iron and turn on the steam switch to ensure it is working correctly. The iron will begin to heat up.


As the iron heats up, you can push down on the cloths while ensuring it heats evenly on all parts of your clothes. Hold the cloths in one hand and use the other hand to push down on them slightly while moving them slightly in a circular motion. As the steam comes out, put more pressure on your clothes by pushing down harder on them. Repeat this cycle back and forth to get the clothes pressed.


Allow the iron to cool down before you open its lid completely. Once it stops, flip off the iron’s steam switch or turn off the electricity. When you are done with your press, you will be able to hear the steam release after 1-2 minutes.


Once it has cooled down, unplug the iron. Then, unplug it from the outlet and put it away in a safe place.


Put water in the pan and turn the steam iron on and allow it to heat up for about two minutes. Once it cools down, turn off the switch and unplug the iron. Disconnect the extension cord and unplug it.

Safety Precautions

How to Prevent Clothes From Burning?

Make sure you iron your clothes inside an area with no open flames, such as a clear Plexiglas surface, so that the steam will not get away from you and burn something or someone. Put water in the pan and turn on the steam iron to allow the steam to rise.


Cleaning up iron is a vital part of having a clean and proper working iron. Make sure you wipe it down regularly for easy maintenance, as there may be dust buildup in the nooks and crannies of your steam iron. Try to clean the surface of the steam iron with a sponge or jewelry cloth that will catch dust and other particles.

The Different Kinds of Irons

Steam iron is prevalent because it can function with various types of clothes. The types of steamers are as follows:

1. Standard Iron – The iron has a high power of steam. It can stand on its own on an ironing board, and it is recommended that you use a towel under the cloths that you put in the machine to prevent burns and creases from forming on them. However, this type is for only one person since it takes up a lot of space at home to keep an ironing board and iron in one room.

2. Cordless Iron – The cordless iron has a battery-powered plug attached to it. It is convenient for indoor use and can be brought right to the sink with you.

3. Auxiliary Iron – An auxiliary iron will allow you to plug your device into a power outlet and then use its steam power with the additional weight of the clothes you want to press.

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With the seven steps above, you will be able to clean your clothes successfully. Remember that it is essential to make sure that your clothes are completely dry before you press them. You may use iron on fabric like cotton, silk, linen, polyester, and polyester blends.